Vision and Mission Statements

The vision of the William Penn School District Cyber Academy is to be a robust educational resource for 7-12 scholars, their families, and the dedicated educators working collaboratively to support scholars' pursuit of a career, college, and community readiness. 

The mission of the William Penn School District Cyber Academy is to provide a dedicated approach to scholar-centered personalized learning in a rigorous, flexible, and innovative environment where all stakeholders are engaged in a community of learning. We are committed to delivering a personalized learning pathway that is aligned to PA eligible content and core standards to prepare scholars for college, career, and community readiness. 

Curriculum Information

The William Penn School District Cyber Academy features a K-12 curriculum that is aligned to Pennsylvania Eligible Content and Core Standards. Courses are customized in pace, rigor, and content to meet scholar and family needs. Scholars are provided a personalized learning pathway primarily through a nationally recognized platform named Edgenuity and a variety of supplemental curricular materials such as Google Classroom and the Google Suite, Adobe Connect, and more! Here is a sample of some of the courses we offered:

Middle-Level Courses:

  • 7th and 8th Grade Math, Science, English Language Arts, and Social Studies
  • 7th and 8th Grade Art, Music, and Health/Physical Education

High School Courses:

  • Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Statistics, and Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus 
  • Environmental Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics
  • English Composition, American Literature, and World Literature
  • World History and Law and Government 

High School Electives:

  • Economics, Sociology, and Psychology 
  • Accounting, and Personal Finance
  • Art History
  • Spanish 1, 2 | French 1, 2 | German 1, 2
  • Computer Applications
  • Health/Physical Education


The William Penn School District Cyber Academy is staffed by Pennsylvania certified, William Penn professional educators. Each of our Personalized Learning educators are highly-trained, with updated clearances, and with experience teaching in both traditional and virtual classrooms. Our goal is to maintain the best scholar to teacher ratio and as the academy grows, so will our dedicated staff. 

In addition to our teaching professionals, the Cyber Academy also offers program specialist and technology support personnel to meet the needs of our families. These professionals will serve our scholars and families by helping them stay the course and troubleshoot any technology challenges. 

Interested in joining our team? Click here to access our Human Resources page.


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